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Dreamy is a podcast where Kristen Eddy reads classic tales to help you sleep.

Each week, Kristen reads a new bedtime story. Classics you loved as a kid – like Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz – all stories from the public domain that are perfect to fall asleep to.


For more info, check out our press kit below. 

Who Is dreamy for?

Where It All Started 

Dreamy is for anyone looking to improve their life through better sleep. It’s for insomniacs, for anyone with an overactive mind, or simply for anyone who wants to doze off to a bedtime story so they can take on the next day. 

The rapid growth of Dreamy’s sister podcast Sleepy has shown that the show will cater to listeners of all ages, primarily from the ages of 18 - 32. Medical students, truck drivers, line cooks, firefighters, creative hustlers – anyone who works hard and deserves to be lulled to sleep with a good book. Similarly, kids will love curling up to Dreamy at night so they can fall asleep to the same reading of Peter Pan their parents did – who . . . might also be curled up and listening right next to them.  Zzzzzzz

Dreamy’s producer Otis Gray started the Sleepy podcast back in 2017. Two years later, it was being downloaded all over the world. Sleepy was named one of Bello Collective’s “100 Outstanding Podcasts Of 2018,” and became Spotify’s most streamed podcast in the Health & Fitness category in 2019.  


With over 11 million downloads, Sleepy continues to work with brands like Purple, Buffy, Calm, and BetterHelp in order to help audiences live healthy lives and get the sleep they need.


If you would like to advertise on Dreamy, feel free to contact us.



Dreamy posts new episodes each Monday so listeners can recharge for the week ahead. Episodes range from 35 to 80 minutes. From the childhood nostalgia of “Sleeping Beauty” to the surreal dream-state of "Alice In Wonderland," there will be plenty of genres and snoozy literature for listeners to choose from.

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